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» data modelling

orb is a platform for data-first development.

It's the first of its kind: collaborative data modelling from design to code generation with strong focus on team-based development.

data modelling

Collaborate to create your data model. Seamlessly handle referencing, constraints, typing, and of course documentation.

The data model defines what your data is, how it's accessed and changed, and by whom.

orb uses version control to track all changes, and lets you collaborate in reviewing changes, branching and merging, and all tasks you expect from version control.

Learn more about data models and version control.

Generate idiomatic, well-documented TypeScript code for your Node.js appplication, database SQLite schemas, and front-end TypeScript formatting. Tie it all together with a private NPM registry.
code generation

code generation

Once your data model is working for you, export the code that implements it as an API or database schema. orb generates well-documented, easy-to-review source code.

The generated code fully implements your data model. Want to change your data model? Do it, then export again. No need to get caught up in SQL or consistent parameter typing: let orb take care of it for you.

Learn more about code generation.

security auditing

orb systems integrate role-based access control into all aspects of code generation—from data exporting to operations. Roles are created and managed as part of your data model and assigned at run-time by your application.

Learn more about auditing and roles.

code generation
Roles are configured within your data model and may be easily audited in the orb auditor, which shows the data and operations available to each role.