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To use, copy and paste these shell invocations. They set the scope orb to call directly to the private orb npm registry.

npm config set @orb:registry https://orb.capem.io/cgi-bin/orb/cgi/npm-registry/
npm config set //orb.capem.io/cgi-bin/orb/cgi/npm-registry/:_authToken 

The following notifications are available. Project-specific and branch-specific notifications are available on their respective data model pages.

Notify on new data model invitations.
Notify on merge request signoffs.
Notify on account logins. (Does not include NPM logins.)

Since orb is currently in a limited beta, all user are invite-only. If you wish to invite a new user, please use the form below. If they are already users, this will have no effect.